Registered Public Works Technicians and Certified Public Works Inspectors

About Us

ASTTBC, under the ASTTBC Act and Regulations, certifies
Registered Public Works Technicians and Certified Public Works Inspectors.

Registered Public Works Technicians (RPWT), work under supervision of senior public works department staff or professionals and assist in providing day to day services that include monitoring, adjusting, repairing, and servicing water systems, roads, sidewalks, parks and buildings.

Certified  Public Works Inspectors (CPWI) work with municipal, provincial, contractors, consulting engineering firms and inspection companies and will offer services  at an entry level involving inspections and testing to more advanced levels of responsibility including taking control of public works inspection projects.

The designations are awarded by the ASTT Public Works Certification Board to Public Works Technicians and Public Works Inspectors who meet the ASTTBC competency and enrollment standards.

Members of ASTTBC  are committed to a mandatory Continuing Professional Development Policy and held to an Ethics and Professionalism in Practice Policy.